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Red Dead Redemption - Coming May 18 2010
in North America; May 21 Worldwide


ESRB Rating: MATURE with Blood, Intense Violence, Nudity, Strong Language, Strong Sexual Content, Use of Drugs

In honor of Cinco de Mayo this week, we present “Revolution” – an all-new Red Dead Redemption video highlighting the rebel Mexican uprising that John Marston finds himself caught up in during his journey to
Nuevo Paraiso.

In his search for the former friends and outlaws who left him to die all those years ago, Marston finds himself traveling through the border territories of northern Mexico in the midst of the region’s brewing Civil War – caught between the revolutionary aspirations of the rebel leader Abraham Reyes, and the brutal Federal Army led by Colonel Allende.

Watch the “Revolution” video now in High-Definition at the official Red Dead Redemption website and at the Rockstar Games site Videos section.

In addition to the deep single player campaign and robust online multiplayer components of Red Dead Redemption, we are also very happy to finally reveal the game’s co-op mode, which will be released FREE in June simultaneously for both
consoles via Xbox LIVE® (Xbox LIVE Gold Membership Required to play) and PlayStation®Network, respectively.

The Outlaws to the End Co-Op Mission Pack will feature six all-new cooperative multiplayer missions to play
with 2-4 players. This will be a completely free download that we will have ready for you to download and play at
some time in June.

These six explosive and epic missions will play out across the game world, including:

“Walton’s Gold”
Walton’s Gang have taken control of a mining camp rich with gold. Fight through the camp and load your mine cart with
as much gold as you can carry and get out as fast as you can – Walton’s boys have rigged the place to blow!

“The River”
Ride a raft down river, taking out rebel encampments along the way until you reach the rebel stronghold of
Nosalida and a final epic battle for the town’s massive weapons caches. Watch out for Gatling gun-equipped enemy rafts.

The Mexican Army has the town of Tesoro Azul under siege. Storm the gates under heavy cannon,
Gatling gun and sniper fire to destroy the Mexican artillery placements.

Plus three more missions to be revealed in detail soon.

The Outlaws to the End Co-Op Mission Pack will also yield additional multiplayer XP rewards,
and brand new Achievements/Trophies to unlock.

Stay tuned for much more information – as well as release information and pricing on two further downloadable content
updates, which we plan to release over the summer. Both of them will also be available simultaneously for both consoles.

Click here to check out exclusive new screens from the Outlaws to the End Co-Op Mission Pack.

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Original Red Dead
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Wallpaper Collection
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Original Red Dead
Redemption Artwork:
Wallpaper Collection
Buddy Icons

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