Our latest feature on the weaponry from Max Payne 3's devastating arsenal highlights the submachine guns (SMGs) - lightweight automatic weapons that can hose their targets with bullets within seconds. With the weightlessness of a pistol and the rapid-fire rate of a much bulkier machine gun, these spray and slay weapons make short work of enemies at close quarters as the holder maintains slick maneuverability throughout.

See the SMGs unrivaled speed, mid-range accuracy and surprisingly powerful punch in action, along with detailed 360-degree renders that show off all of its individually modeled components and a selection of new screenshots at the Max Payne 3 official website.

Debuting in Max Payne 3 and carrying over to Grand Theft Auto V and future appropriate titles, Crews go beyond traditional online clans by allowing players to join large public Crews or simply create a private Crew that members can customize. In this way, Crews help players keep the fight alive from match to match - and even across titles - through the Rockstar Games Social Club, which will keep track of Crew stats, as well as Feuds with other Crews and more...

We recently sat down with IGN to reveal some of the unique features of Crews in Max Payne 3 and how they serve to change the way competitive multiplayer forges connections between players. Read all about it here.

Max Payne 3 - ESRB Rating Pending: May contain content inappropriate for children. Visit for rating information.

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