Grand Theft Auto Online - Beach Bum Update

The world of Grand Theft Auto Online gets even deeper with the Beach Bum update, now available on both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. This content comes via a free automatic update to GTA Online and Grand Theft Auto V's Story Mode, and includes:

New Vehicles, Weapons & More
Hit the shore with four sand-and-surf-ready vehicles perfect to take on the all new Beach Bum Races and Vehicle Deathmatches: the BF Bifta dune buggy, the rugged Canis Kalahari off-road truck, the Bravado Paradise beach camper van and making a special return to the GTA series, the fast and stylish Speeder speedboat.

Expand your arsenal with two new free weapons - the compact yet deadly SNS Pistol and the brutal new Broken Bottle melee weapon. You'll also be able to deck out your GTA Online character with all new beach-ready customization options including stylish board shorts, neon surfer attire, wild tribal tattoos, shaggy hair and more...

30 New Jobs Coming to the World of Los Santos & Blaine County
In conjunction with the Beach Bum update, we've also added 30 new Jobs to GTA Online. This includes new beach-themed Races, Deathmatches, Parachutes, Last Team Standings and Gang Attacks, plus the beachfront "Survival on Del Perro Pier" and more.

For full details on everything included in the Beach Bum update and the latest round of dynamic tuning to GTA Online, visit the Rockstar Newswire.

Get Your Ship Together for the Grand Theft Auto Online Vespucci Beach Party - Social Club Event Weekend - November 22-24

Friday November 22nd through Sunday November 24th, hit the beaches of Vespucci, Chumash and Paleto Bay for the inaugural Grand Theft Auto Online Social Club Event Weekend.

Look out for an influx of special Event Crate Drops all weekend long containing more than double the usual amount of RP plus high-powered weapons, bonus cash and clothing. This GTA Online Social Club Event also features exclusive sweepstakes giveaways of beach-ready GTAV collectibles, a very special live stream broadcast on Friday and more.

Coming Soon to GTA Online
Look for lots of exciting new content updates to Grand Theft Auto Online in the weeks and months ahead including:

The Content Creator
The Content Creator will launch with tools to tailor and publish your own Deathmatches & Races.

Capture the Flag
GTA Online’s take on the classic CTF mode including the ability to make your own using The Content Creator.

Full-on cooperative Heist missions that will require careful planning, teamwork and sharp execution – along with the Heist Planning Board for your apartment.