Enjoy the thrill and exhilaration of being a patriotic hero with The San Andreas Flight School Update for GTA Online. This new update features a collection of new air and land vehicles, 10 new solo missions, and much more. Today's update also introduces a host of gameplay improvements to GTA Online – these include increased payouts for harder to complete missions and GTA$ bonuses for playing missions with others.

Check out the SA Flight School's informational video and prepare yourself for the opportunity to become one of the best of the best, and for more details visit the Rockstar Newswire.

This weekend, it's time for fight AND flight as ​The San Andreas Flight School Event Weekend takes off in GTA Online. That's three days of big RP & GTA$ bonuses, an exclusive in-game Parachute Pack unlock, valuable discounts from a range of San Andreas local businesses, special competitions, giveaways and much more as you enjoy the all-new stomach-in-throat G-suit pounding Flight School content action that separates the Mavericks from the Whiskey Deltas once and for all.