GTA Online: Bikers opens up an entirely new part of the criminal underbelly of GTA Online, bringing proper Motorcycle Clubs to the roadways and ever-evolving illicit markets of Blaine County and Los Santos.


Life in an MC is more than just a fleet of shiny new rides and impressive leather cuts. Bikers brings a range of new ways for clubs of up to eight players to earn their keep, battling rival MC’s and other criminal factions.


Your MC’s Clubhouse is the base of operations. Choose from 12 available locations - each complete with its own bar, activities like Darts and Arm Wrestling, various murals and the option to upgrade to your own in-house Custom Bike Shop.


Choose how your MC is going to earn its money, as Open Road clients offer opportunities in document forgery and cash counterfeiting as well as large scale narcotics distribution.


From the sleek, neon-accented Nightblade and the charismatic, three-wheeled Chimera, to the classic, rusted lines of the Rat Bike, there are options for every kind of rider.


Melee opponents from the seat of your bike with the new Battle Axe, Pool Cue and Pipe Wrench. Also available to knock opponents out of their seats are the new automatic Sweeper Shotgun and Compact Grenade Launcher.


There’s an extensive wardrobe of new styles including a wide selection of Jackets, Cuts, Helmets, and of course plenty of leathers and denim to choose from, as well as a selection of new Hairstyles and Tattoos.


Stick together to hit checkpoints at the same time as teams of riders vie to be first over the finish line in Slipstream, the new Adversary Mode.


Log in this week and receive the white Western Logo Tee and Nagasaki Hoodie. And get the black Western Logo Tee when you pick up the new Western Nightblade. Today’s update also brings many enhancements and fixes to GTA Online. For details, visit the Rockstar Newswire.