Tiny Racers, the new retro-styled Adversary Mode in GTA Online, channels the spirit of classic GTA titles with a shifting, bird’s-eye perspective designed to bring you a new flavor of vehicle combat. Up to four players can duke it out for the top spot across seven new courses littered with power-ups ranging from Rockets and Bombs to light-wielding Shotaros and Special Vehicles.


To celebrate the launch of Tiny Racers we’re currently awarding Double GTA$ & RP to all participants. For more details, visit the Rockstar Newswire.


Log in and play GTA Online on PS4, Xbox One or PC at any point between now and Sunday, April 30th to be eligible for a GTA$425K tax refund compliments of the San Andreas State Treasury Department, to be deposited in your Maze Bank account during the month of May.