Every self-respecting warlord in Los Santos is familiar with the unstoppable momentum and panoramic firepower that is the HVY Insurgent Pick-Up. Now, upgrade it to the Insurgent Pick-Up Custom in your Mobile Operations Center’s Weapon & Vehicle Workshop to give it a brand new sting in its tail - from a .50 Cal mounted Minigun to Proximity Mines, your Research Technicians are on deck to help you unlock some savage new upgrades. And with space for up to 8 of your comrades, your new Personal Vehicle will be the deadliest ride in the carpool lane.




Pocket like it's hot in the new Knuckleduster Pocket Tee, available by simply logging in to GTA Online to receive your free in-game reward.


Plus, get Double GTA$ and RP in Power Mad, Deadline and in all Mobile Operation Missions launched via your MOC. There's also discounts on select Bunker properties and 25% off all Bunker Renovations and Upgrades.


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