The Buckingham Pyro is available today from Warstock Cache & Carry. The distinct twin-boom body comes packed with a jet engine and dual machine guns. Customize in your Hangar’s Workshop with homing missiles, liveries, armor, engine and handling upgrades, and more.


And through October 16th you'll have ample opportunity to rack up your in-game cash and rep. Take advantage of extended Double GTA$ & RP in the jet-fueled, capture-inspired Stockpile, or parachute your way into the desolate warzone that is Motor Wars, also doling out Double GTA$ & RP this week.


Plus, Biker Business Production and Bunker Research & Manufacturing will be running 25% faster, giving you more bang for your buck as you trade your way to the top. Details on all this week's bonuses and discounts at the Rockstar Newswire.


Instantly mix vehicle and race types as you switch between land, sea and air in Transform Races, the next evolution of stunt racing in Grand Theft Auto Online – coming later this month. Jump instantly from the curves of a gritty, downtown street race straight into a speeding jet high above Los Santos, then dive face first down Raton Canyon on a jet ski and more.


Transform Races aren't the only new gameplay updates coming to GTA Online this fall. There are also a pair of new Adversary Modes on the horizon, plus new options for aerial aficionados and road warriors alike. Get all the details at the Rockstar Newswire.