Pure and primal, the Grotti Turismo Classic is a throwback to a simpler time. If you're sick of space-age hypercars with dashboards smarter than you, you'll feel right at home in this stripped-back addition to the Sports Classic class - available now at Legendary Motorsport.


Resurrection, the latest Adversary Mode that's all about survival and revival continues to provide Double GTA$ & RP all through the weekend as part of the ongoing series of GTA Online bonuses. And kicking off today, cunning stunters can also bask in the Double GTA$ & RP for the next five days, with increased payouts in the Stunt Race Series.


And if maxing and relaxing on the high seas is more your thing, this week you can take advantage of 25% off all Yachts. For full details on all of this week's GTA Online bonuses, visit the Social Club Events page.