Shape shift from hyperbikes to jetpacks to military bombers, flying cars, sports classics, fighter jets and more across seven brand new exhilarating Transform Races:


Canal Crosser | Size Matters | The Grotti Circuit
Plane and Simple | Evolution | Tug Life | Twister II

Play and earn Double GTA$ & RP in these and in ALL Rockstar-Created Transform Races through June 11th.

The world’s game is nearly upon us. While our finest footballers from the likes of the Los Santos Benders and

Liberty City Beavers unfortunately did not qualify for the big tournament, citizens of Los Santos can still commemorate the occasion. Log in to GTA Online any time between now and June 11th to register for a special celebratory GTA$ Cash Giveaway, then return after June 14th to receive GTA$250,000 in bonus cash. All GTA$ will arrive in your Maze Bank account no later than June 18th.

A new realm of creative possibilities arrive in GTA Online as the Creator receives an extensive update adding additional Vehicles, Props, weather patterns and more to your bag of tricks. On top of an increased Prop limit, you can now create your own custom Target Assault Races, trap-infested deep sea courses and teleport generating Transform Race Warp Checkpoints.

Plus some of GTA Online’s hottest vehicles including the Shotaro, Aqua and XA-21 are on sale this week.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Midnight Club: Los Angeles and Rockstar Games presents Table Tennis are now all playable on Xbox One via Backward Compatibility.


Digital game owners have instant access to these titles on Xbox One, which can be downloaded from the console's “Ready to Install” section. Physical game owners just need to insert the game disc into their Xbox One, and from there will be prompted to download the game.


For those yet to experience any of these classic Rockstar titles, they are all available for purchase directly from the Xbox Store, using the links below.


Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas | Midnight Club: Los Angeles
Rockstar Games presents Table Tennis