The tools may change, but the good old-fashioned thrill of the hunt stays the same. Your pioneer forebears were marksmen: you drive an armored war machine on wheels. Now get out there and make them proud by tearing your enemies to shreds in the HVY Menacer, available at Warstock Cache & Carry.

You’d never guess from those outrageous low-slung curves that with a press of a button this thing will do the kind of vertical take-off that’ll make a Hydra jealous, and turbo boost itself into buildings with the kind of panache that a Rocket Voltic can only dream of. Now that you know its dirty little secret, how can you resist?


The Declasse Scramjet is now available at Warstock Cache & Carry.

You’re one long mile from the finish line, these Scramjets are crashing off the sides of your MTL Dune like its rush hour, your teammates in Vigilantes are pinned down and the speedometer is rigged to some high explosives. It can only mean one thing: Hunting Pack has returned to GTA Online - with an upgrade.


Jump in to Hunting Pack (Remix) now through September 3rd to earn Double GTA$ & RP, and keep an eye out for a trio of additional classic GTA Online Adversary Modes in the weeks ahead - all remixed, reimagined and updated to include fun new twists.