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Grand Theft Auto Online Festive Surprise 2022
Celebrate the Holiday Season in GTA Online
The Festive Surprise brings cheer and chaos to Southern San Andreas in equal measure. Local businesses and properties are festooned with holiday decorations, while weather forecasts call for a rare blanket of snowfall across the greater Los Santos area.
Snowmen Collectibles
An army of Snowmen have emerged around Southern San Andreas. Listen for the jingle of sleigh bells to find and destroy these wintry interlopers to earn GTA$ and RP. Locate and eradicate all 25 to earn an extra GTA$125,000 and the Snowman Outfit.
Beware of the Gooch
Beware of The Gooch, a nefarious opportunist roaming the streets and lurking in the shadows, looking to empty the pockets of unsuspecting players while causing grievous bodily harm. Successfully fight off a surprise attack from this assailant to earn a little GTA$ bonus and The Gooch Mask.
Weazel Plaza Shootout
The Weazel News holiday party has gone off the rails this year. Keep an eye on the sky above Weazel Plaza for robbers in a tense shootout. Get involved and pick up a brand new weapon befitting of your vigilante heroics.

Plus, log in anytime this week to receive a bushel of gifts, including the new Candy Cane, plus additional supplies and accessories to maximize the holiday chaos.
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